The Liebster Award is an online award for relatively new bloggers.  The winners of the award are nominated by their fellow bloggers; it’s a great way for bloggers to be introduced to other bloggers.  The word Liebster is German for Dearest and is an indication that the blog is held in high regard by its nominator.


The Award has been running since 2011 and the rules have evolved with time, these are the basics:

  1. When nominated, write a blog post that answers the 11 questions posed to you (while thanking and linking back to your nominator).
  2. Nominate 5 to 11 other blogs that you love and think deserve some recognition.
  3. Pose your own set of 11 questions.


A huge thank you to Meg Moutrie at Drop A Pin Travel Blog who nominated me for the Liebster Award. Meg was born in Canada and has lived in Calgary, Toronto, Madrid and Singapore. She currently resides in London, my favorite city!  Make sure to check out her blog.


What is your favorite travel experience involving animals?

Feeding wild dolphins at Tangalooma Island Resort. They swim right up to you and take the fish from your hand.

Where would you want to move and why?

Central Germany; location, location, location. I would never be home!

What travel destination do you think is underrated?

Germany’s Christmas Markets. They are cute and mulled wine is yummy but I expected more from Father Christmases home.

What was the best part of the last trip you took?

My last trip was a road trip through Southern California and Nevada ending in Las Vegas. The best part was Death Valley. So beautiful. So unexpected.

What blog post are you most proud of and why?

I am brand new and only have a few posts up. I am equally proud of them all; I finally got things to not be on top of each other. Seriously.

What is your favorite city in the world and why?

London! It has everything. It’s traditional, it’s modern AND it has the perfect combination of grit and class.  I’m in love with London… expect for the driving issue.

Where are you right now?

I’m in San Diego waiting for my car to get its smog check. (Bet they don’t have smog checks in London)

What is the strangest food you have eaten on your travels?

I’m a wimp. I don’t eat strange food. Ever. The most unfamiliar would be falafel in Israel – and it was AWESOME. I had it every chance I got. I have tried it other places and it’s not the same.

Who is your favorite travel companion?

My mom. She loves to travel and the memories are precious.

What is your favorite book about travel?

1000 Places to See Before You Die. Enter my obsession with bucket lists, that grew to spreadsheets, evolved to Pinterest Boards and continues to grow and grow!

What can we expect to see from your blog in 2017?

A LOT! I am brand new. I have big plans… big big plans J


the Red Phone Box travels

‘European travels of a chocoholic London lover’ is a perfect tagline for this site! Tanja is from Croatia; she loves chocolate, cats and writes about London (and Europe). How could I not love her?

Hangry by Nature 

Tina describes herself as an Aussie travel and parenting writer, thrill seeker and worshipper of food. She cracks me. I don’t have to worry about traveling with a toddler but I love to read about her adventures.

Travel Toots

Della lives in Germany. Her tagline is ‘Traveling, eating, taking pictures and writing about it’ and she is in a great location for it! (Yes, I’m jealous).

The Passport Pages

Emilee describes herself as ‘Just a girl collecting stamps and stories in my passport’. She is from California and spent a year studying in Spain.

Where’s Perri?

Perrisha describes herself as  a young and vibrant Jamaican with a constant desire to discover! Her tagline is ‘explore with me’ and a little time on her site will have you quickly checking airfare to Jamaica!


  1. When did you realize that travelling was a passion of yours?
  2. How do you decide where to go next?
  3. If you could only take one more trip, where would you go?
  4. What is your favorite travel experience involving animals?
  5. What is the strangest food you have eaten on your travels?
  6. Name three things on your bucket list that you have not ticked off
  7. What is your favorite city in the world and why?
  8. Where have you traveled to that you wish you had more time?
  9. What is your most essential travel item?
  10. What can we expect to see from your blog in 2017?
  11. Give a tip for other bloggers or potential blog starters.

Be sure to check out these bloggers and show them some love!