Los Angeles Street Art

Los Angeles has an incredible street art scene. The city had a ‘mural moratorium’ banning all street art from 2003-2013. Since its end the street art scene has exploded and it is incredible. Unfortunately, as Missing Persons has told us, Nobody Walks in LA. As a result traffic is gridlocked. The art is not in a centralized area; this means you must drive in the gridlock.


While driving in LA is not fun, the pay off is worth it. LA is home to Shepard Fairy, RISK, JR, Sworn, Vhils, Seem, Osgemeos, El Mac, Lady Pink. Colette Miller’s Angel Wings are beautifully displayed in several areas. RETNA and Man One both have studios in LA. You will also recognize the work of international street artist throughout the city.


In truth, you do not have to actively seek out street art in Los Angeles because it is everywhere. While the work is spread throughout the city, there are several areas with a high concentration of street art.

  • Downtown LA has amazing walls! Consider going in the evening after the parking lots have cleared to get good photos.
  • The Arts District is also located in the downtown area and is full of street art. Start at Angel City Brewery and wander the nearby streets, no need for a map.
  • Silverlake is a trendy area with great art you have likely seen on Instagram.
  • From Silverlake head toward Hollywood Blvd and drive down Western Ave for a high concentration incredible murals.
  • Hollywood Blvd, Sunset Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd have scattered murals. Melrose Ave between Fairfax and Highland has been designated a mural district.
  • Culver City has scattered murals worth exploring if you are in the area.
  • Lincoln Blvd, Abbot Kinney Drive and Venice have an incredible amount of street art. This area is also full of people and traffic is often gridlocked.



Los Angeles street art scene has exploded and it is incredible. #streetart #LosAngeles



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