When’s the best time to go to Europe? When are the cherry blossoms in bloom in Japan?  When are the Scottish Highland Games held? Create your own Travel Calendar of places to see and experiences to have by month and never miss an epic festival again!


Festival of Lights [Ghent Belgium]
Chinese New Year [Hong Kong China]
Up Helly Aa [Shetland Scotland]
Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival [Harbin China]
Jaipur Kite Festival [Jaipur India]
Venice Carnival [Italy]


Good Weather: South Africa, Eqypt
Yuki Matsuri Snow Festival [Sapporo Japan]
Yanshuei (Yanshui) Beehive Fireworks [Tainan Taiwan]
Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival [Taipei Taiwan]
Busójárás Winter Scareaway Festival [Mohács Hungary]
Rio Carnival [Rio De Janeiro Brazil]
Barcelona Carnival [Barcelona Spain]
Mardi Gras [New Orleans Louisiana]


Good Weather: Hawaii, Egypt
Desert in Bloom [Petra, Egypt]
Cherry Blossoms Bloom [Washington DC]
Cherry Blossom Festival [Tokyo, Kyoto Japan]
Holi Colour Festival [Bharatpur India]
St Patrick’s Day Festival [Dublin Ireland]
Las Fallas [Valencia Spain]


Good Weather: Philippines, Central America
Keukenhof Garden Tulip Bloom [Lisse Holland]
Rouketopolemos [Vrontados Greece]
Songkran [Thailand]


Good Weather: Japan
Floating Lanterns Festival [Honolulu Hawaii]
New Orleans Jazz Festival [New Orleans Louisiana]
Puffin Viewing [Iceland]
White Nights Festival
Scarlet Sails [St Petersburg Russia]
Battle of the Flowers [Cordoba Spain]
Cinco de Mayo [Mexico]
Fuji Shibazakura Festival [Lake Motosuko Japan]


Good Weather: Europe, UK, Scandanavia, Toronto, Thailand
Electric Forest Music Festival [Rothbury Michigan]
Scottish Highland Games


Good Weather: Indonesia
African Wildlife Migration [Tanzania, Kenya]
Pflasterspektakel [Linz Austria]
Calgary Stampede [Calgary Canada]
Bastille Day [Paris France]
Spice Mas Carnival [Grenada]
Umbrella Sky Project [Agueda Portugal]


Fringe Festival [Edinburgh Scotland]
Military Tattoo [Edinburgh Scotland]
Grand Place Carpet of Flowers [Brussels Belgium]
Obon Lantern Festival [Tokyo Japan]
La Tomatina Festival [Bunol Spain]


Good Weather: Europe, UK, Hawaii, Toronto, Croatia, Greece, Portugal
Oktoberfest [Munich Germany]


Good Weather: Italy, Mediterranean, Argentina
Fall Colors [Blue Ridge Parkway]
International Balloon Fiesta [Albuquerque New Mexico]
Fantasy Fest [Key West Florida]
Halloween [Romania Transylvania]
Halloween Festival of the Dead [Salem Massachusetts]
Festival of Lights [Berlin Germany]
International Sand Sculpture Festival [Pêra Portugal]


Good Weather: Tahiti, Fiji, South Pacific, Caribbean, Hong Kong, Morocco, Costa Rico
Yi Peng Lantern Festival [Chiang Mai]
Day of the Dead Festival [Mexico city, Oaxaca]
Diwali Festival of Lights [India]
Monkey Buffet Festival [Lopburi Thailand]


Good Weather: Laos, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico
Christmas Markets [Europe, UK]
Hogmanay Street Festival [Edinburgh Scotland]
Junkanoo [Nassau Bahamas]

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