You are about to go on a dream vacation; a decent camera and a few travel photography skills are needed. I know, you work full time. All this planning and shopping has sucked up all your free time and you need to pay your bills and clean your house. I understand. Let me help.


You have several options. Many people use their phone to document their vacations. You can purchase clip lenses for the phone and there are many apps for photo editing. I am often amazed how great the iPhone only Instagram feeds are. If you plan to use your phone to document your trip review this tutorial to get you on your way: iPhoneography.

You may chose a small point and shoot camera or a DSLR. I love my Nikon D5300, it is easy to use and I have no hesitation recommending it.  Consider the Go Pro if you will be shooting video.  Be sure to purchase an extra extra battery and a 64GB memory card.

Travel Photography Skills

I have taken this free online Photography 101 Course and it has helped me take better travel photos. This course will show you 9 steps to better photo composition. It will be equally useful if you plan to use your phone, a point and shoot camera or a DSLR.  This is for everyone!

You will learn about perspective, position of light, the rule of thirds and leading lines. Horizontal vs. vertical, repetition and symmetry, depth of field, getting closer and framing images are all covered. The course is a series of videos by topic that should take a little over an hour to watch. Simply click this link and select the Photography 101 Course.  There are additional classes for a small fee if you have a DSLR camera and would like to learn how to use the manual settings. There is even an introductory class for Lightroom.

Photo Editing

In my opinion, post processing is a must. For example, I do not appear to have the ability to take a straight picture. As a result, I have to go in and straighten each shot before I crop it.  My desktop came with a photo editor program and I did a google search to find the instruction book. I haven’t even begun to learn how to post process like an expert. There are many editing programs available, the most common are Photoshop and Lightroom. Additionally, there are many many free tutorials to help you learn the ins and outs of whatever you decide to use.

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Photos make the best souvenirs! Learn basic photography skills to document your travels. Appropriate for iPhone, point and shoot and DSLR users.

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What is your best travel photography tip?