A huge thank you to Albert at Backpacking With the Bonds who nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out Albert and Carrie’s travels, I am confident you will find their content versatile!

Seven Random Facts About Me

1. I caught the travel bug from my mother. We took a lot of family camping trips when I was young. The most memorable was through the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

2. My first time out of the country was in 2006. I traveled with my church group to Israel. I was amazed by how different life was there. The image of children on a school field trip being escorted by army personnel is engraved in my brain.

3. My first “grown up” trip out of the country was with a friend to Australia. We did everything I had dreamed of and ignored the cost. It was awesome! Too bad that kind of trip is not my norm.

4. My first solo trip out of the country was to Iceland and Stockholm. I planned the heck out of that trip and it went perfectly. Solo travel is awesome! I can do what I want when I want. That doesn’t happen much in my home life.

5. I work a full time job as a therapist and talk to people all day. It can be exhausting. Solo travel is my therapy; it allows me quiet time to reflect and recharge.

6. I haven’t found my happy work/travel ratio. Historically I have done one international and two local trips a year. That isn’t enough. Last year I did a 12 in 12 challenge (12 places in 12 months). That was way too much. My current plan is three big trips a year with as many short trips as I can using work holidays.

7. I read somewhere people change their career three times in their lives. I’m on my second and view the travel blog (and everything that goes with it) as my third. I’m hoping to retire early and travel full time in five years.

My Nominees

  • Meg was born in Canada and has lived in Calgary, Toronto, Madrid and Singapore. She currently resides in London, my favorite city! Drop A Pin Travel Blog
  • Michaela has traveled extensively throughout Australia, Europe and Asia. Her blogs motto is breakout from your daily life. Travel Breakout 
  • Amy blogs to teach you how to travel more for less. Her motto is advice and tips for kick ass trips. A Traveling Broad
  • Yvette’s goal is to travel somewhere new every single year for the rest of her life. Her style is to NOT plan out her trips. Wayfaring Kiwi
  • Issy travels full time with her husband. She has the next 5 years of travel planned! Her blogs motto is travel advice, blogs and inspiration for your adventures. Nissy Adventure
  • Brian’s goal is to maximize his vacation time and every dollar spent without sacrificing experiences. His blogs motto is smarter planning for your next freaking awesome vacation. Hawaiian Brian 
  • Arnav is a civil engineer by profession and a hard-core foodie and a travel aficionado at heart. His mantra is to live a life without regrets. Eat Travel Live Repeat
  • Fran is a journalist and full time traveler. Her blogs motto is travel, learn, share. La Vida Nomad 
  • Raksha describes herself as a passionate traveler, photographer and an engineer by profession. Her blogs motto is from mountains to the beaches and everything in between.  The Roving Heart 
  • Jerny travels all over the Philippines. His blogs motto is Live. Travel. Love. Inspire. Our Journey. The Jerney

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