My Out of Office Adventures

Out of OfficeI’m Sherianne and these are my Out of Office adventures. I work a full-time job. I live in Southern California on a single income and I love to travel. Not an ideal combination. There is never enough time or money and it is never a good time to step away from my life. Several years ago I decided I was going and I would worry about the rest when I got back. Not my personality at all. I’m a planner.  And practical. I don’t take chances. I knew if I didn’t ‘just do it’ I never would.  And… best decision EVER! Balancing work, life and travel can be difficult. But it is possible and I want to inspire you to get the most out of your time Out of Office.

Out of Office is a travel blog dedicated to helping you escape the office and travel. Browse the site for itineraries, destination guides, inspiration and travel tips designed to help you travel effortlessly. Use the Travel Tips Section for information on travel planning, packing, budgets, travel safetyphotography tips and more. Use the Destination Section for travel itineraries and guides; browse the Out of Office Categories for travel inspiration. Don’t let your age, budget or status stop you from seeing the world. Travel should not be work. Use this site to make the most of your precious time Out of Office and create memories you can cherish forever. With some planning and persistence, you can do it!


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